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Religious Education & Worldviews


The Religious Studies program at HNPS is a comprehensive mix of world religions. Our pupils are introduced to a variety of world religions so they can understand and respect those worshipping in Great Britain and around the world. The range of Religions taught  aims to spark intellectual curiosity as children learn, analyse, evaluate and synthesise their knowledge. Our pupils appreciate how religion shapes our lives, the behaviour and decisions we make. At HNPS we strive to create an accepting and non-judgemental environment for pupils of all faiths. We believe this can be done through exposure to multiple faiths with the focus on similarities between core values. We believe our children should leave primary school with a basic understanding of Western and Eastern religions, how they are represented in Hackney and how these religions contribute positively to their community. We strive for HNPS students to leave our care as accepting and unprejudiced citizens. Our pupils are challenged to think critically and respectfully question belief systems.

The following religions have been chosen for study across the school: 

  • Buddhism 
  • Christianity
  • Hinduism 
  • Islam 
  • Judaism 
  • Sikhism

Our pupils also learn about Humanism. 

By the time our pupils leave KS2, they will have studied the following topics with the above Religions. They  learn both about and from Religion; 

    • Beliefs, teaching and sources– examining Religious/cultural stories
    • Practices and ways of life– examining holidays and festivals and learning how these practices impact the lives of the believers.
    • Forms of expression– examining religious symbols and art and using correct Religious vocabulary. 
    • Identity and belonging- Exploring where they belong and how belonging to a Religion affects the lives of its members. 
    • Meaning, purpose and truth- Asking questions that arise from listening to Religious and cultural stories, asking questions about life and using  reasoning and examples to express insights into their own and others’ views on questions about the meaning and purpose of life and the search for truth.
    • Values and commitments– use reasoning and examples to express insights into the relationship between beliefs, teachings and world issues, focusing on things that are important to them.


Our RE curriculum has been tailored to our school using  the agreed RE syllabus for Hackney (RE SACRE) and Discovery RE scheme of work along with advice from our Eko trust partner schools. The subjects covered are bespoke to our Hackney community. We work with local places of worship and our parents to provide our pupils with academic excellence and memorable visits. Religious Education is taught in regular weekly time slots in class as well as school assemblies. Religious education at HNPS can also spread to the kitchen as our chefs prepare special festival meals! As children progress through the school we aim to strengthen their understanding through knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis evaluation and synthesis. Children revisit religions as they move through the year groups and build on previous knowledge. Within each topic, pupils recall their key learning through knowledge maps and end of unit quizzes. Throughout the school, teachers use the practice of ‘I do, We do, You do to’ to ensure all children are accessing learning and feel supported while learning new skills. This gradual release of responsibility enables our pupils to become confident in using the correct Religious vocabulary and sharing their opinions and ideas. 

Our SEND pupils can be supported to success with pre-key stage progression grids which modify our existing curriculum so that all pupils can achieve. Our youngest children in EYFS begin their learning through Religious/ cultural stories. By the end of EYFS, pupils have heard stories from 5 world religions and have learned about special places of worship. As they progress throughout the school they look more closely at beliefs, teaching and practices.  At the end of KS2 they are challenged to ask questions and draw connections between Religions synthesising their learning. We strive for our students to see how Religion impacts the lives and decisions of people and in the wider world. 


Evidence of learning can be found in books, on Tapestry and in classroom displays. Local trips to places of worship bring our curriculum to life and help our pupils understand the key roles that religion plays in their communities. Religious Education helps our pupils develop respect for others of different faiths and beliefs and challenge prejudice or extremist narratives. It prompts pupils to think about their own role in their communities and wider society and how they can contribute positively.

Progression of skills and knowledge has been carefully mapped throughout the year groups and as a result  RE at HNPS is delivering pupils who have an appreciation for the 6 religions studied; develop and articulate their own personal beliefs, values and experiences whilst respecting those of others.

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