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At Hackney New Primary School, our unwavering commitment is to foster a dynamic and nurturing educational environment that resonates with our visionary ideal: "Academic Excellence and Intellectual Curiosity for All." Guided by our core values of Academic Excellence, Self Belief, Intellectual Curiosity, and Responsibility, and fueled by our core characteristics of being knowledgeable, confident and resilient, open-minded and engaged, we stand as a beacon of holistic growth and lifelong learning.


Our Core Values:

1. Academic Excellence: We dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of academic excellence in every endeavour. We recognize that the path to true knowledge is paved with dedication, rigorous effort, and a thirst for understanding. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that our students not only gain knowledge but also develop the skills to analyse, synthesise, and apply what they learn.

2. Self Belief: At the heart of our community lies an unwavering belief in the potential of every individual. We empower our students to trust in their abilities and embrace challenges with confidence. Through nurturing self-belief, we cultivate a mindset that champions resilience, tenacity, and the understanding that every setback is an opportunity for growth.

3. Intellectual Curiosity: We celebrate the innate human desire to question, explore, and discover. Our school is a haven for intellectual curiosity, where students are encouraged to ask bold questions, challenge conventions, and pursue knowledge for the sheer joy of learning. We spark curiosity that transcends boundaries and nurtures a lifelong passion for discovery.

4. Responsibility: We instil in our students a profound sense of responsibility — for themselves, their peers, and the world around them. Guided by ethical principles and empathy, we cultivate a community where respect and understanding flourish. Through responsible actions, we inspire active citizenship and the realisation that every individual plays a vital role in shaping a better future.

Our Core Characteristics:

1. Knowledgeable: We believe in the transformative power of knowledge. Our students are equipped with a robust foundation across disciplines, empowering them to engage thoughtfully with the world. We encourage a thirst for learning that extends beyond the classroom and lasts a lifetime.

2. Confident and Resilient: We nurture confidence that arises from a deep understanding of one's capabilities. Our students learn that setbacks are stepping stones to success, developing resilience that propels them to overcome challenges with determination and grace.

3. Open-Minded and Engaged: We cultivate open-mindedness that embraces diverse perspectives and fosters a genuine appreciation for different cultures, ideas, and experiences. Our students are actively engaged in meaningful interactions, learning from one another and contributing to a harmonious global community.

Our Core Beliefs:

1. Remain Curious: We advocate for a relentless pursuit of curiosity. Through asking questions and exploring uncharted territories, we create an environment where discovery knows no bounds.

2. Use Precedents but Use Them with Care: We recognize the value of precedent while encouraging critical analysis. We teach our students to draw on history, tradition, and established practices judiciously, always considering the context and potential for innovation.

3. Use Your Judgment: We empower our students to develop strong judgment skills, enabling them to navigate complex decisions with thoughtfulness and discernment.

4. Listen and Watch Carefully: We encourage active listening and keen observation as tools for understanding others and the world around us.

5. Know How to Use Data and Evidence: We equip our students with the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data and evidence, fostering informed decision-making and evidence-based reasoning.

6. Learn When to Use and Control Your Emotions: We teach emotional intelligence, guiding our students to recognize and manage their emotions, using them as a source of insight and strength.

7. Almost Everything Can Be Done Better: We embrace a growth mindset that drives continuous improvement. Our students are empowered to seek opportunities for refinement, innovation, and growth in every aspect of their lives.

8. Be Generous in Arguments and with Others: We promote respectful discourse and the art of constructive disagreement, recognizing that diverse perspectives enrich our understanding and foster collaboration.

9. Combine Opinions with Knowledge: We encourage our students to combine their personal opinions with a foundation of knowledge, enabling them to contribute substantively to discussions and debates.

10. Knowledge Means Independence: We believe that true knowledge empowers individuals to think independently, make informed choices, and contribute meaningfully to society.

With these values, characteristics, and beliefs as our compass, Hackney New Primary School creates an educational journey that prepares our students to embrace challenges, embrace new ideas, and make meaningful contributions to a rapidly evolving world.

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